Created for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1 - All Code, 3D Models, Sprites (Images), Music, and SFX were created from scratch within the game jam's 1-week time limit. 

- Use QWERT keys to attack.
- Use Left/Right Arrow Keys to move.
- Use Space Bar to trigger power ability.

Tyler Green - Code, Images (
tutmo - Code, SFX, Music  (
Jenny - 3D Models, Images

Game Engine - Unity
Music/SFX - FL Studio
3D Models - Blender
Sprites/Images - Photoshop & Procreate
Font -

Watch tutmo's take on how it was made:

Watch Tyler's devlog:

Install instructions

For Windows Users:     
1. Click the Windows download link on this page.   
2. Once downloaded, unzip/extract the folder.    
3. Find the file with a knight icon (.exe) and click it to launch the game.

For Mac Users:  
MacOS Catalina will most likely block the game from launching if you download using the link on this page. Instead, use the official Installer App.    
1. Download the itch app -   
2. Search for "Knights of Qwert" in the App.   
3. Click 'Install'.   
4. Click 'Launch'

For Linux Users:  
1. Click the Linux download link on this page. 
2. Open a terminal emulator and go to the directory where the file is located (normally cd ~/Downloads)
3. Unzip the folder (unzip
4. Go to the new directory (cd KnightsOfQwert_Linux) 5. Run the game with .KnightsOfQwert_Linux.x86_64


Knights of Qwert - Windows 53 MB
Knights Of Qwert - Mac 52 MB


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Awesome game! Very addictive.


Awesome score!


Wow! I play tested this game for many hours and my best score was around 3.5k. You crushed that!!


Solid game guys! I'm addicted!

thanks Kevin!